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Is your SME fundraising project fit for an SME investor?

How SMEs can benefit from seeing their need for funding as an opportunity for Investors

GHC Partners helps business owners evaluate their funding options and present their businesses to investors. We assess, advise and promote SMEs with commercial and investment potential.

By helping businesses gather the data they need to assess their capital development plans – plans which become investment offers for professional, wholesale and sophisticated investors – we bridge the gap between business builders and SME Investors.

With commercial experience from long careers in larger companies, GHC Consultants’ work on capital development plans that help SMEs turn their growth prospects into sharp, detailed business plans and investment offers.

Engaging GHC Partners to analyse, prepare and promote your SME involves detailed information gathering and opportunity spotting. The advice of an extended network helps GHC guide SMEs through the capital development process, and gives business builders and investors the opportunity to connect, grow and succeed.

If you have a quality business or funding project and believe you can work with an equity/debt provider, please read the How it works page and contact us to arrange an initial phone discussion.