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SME Fundraising

GHC Partners raises capital for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) using a network of Australian investment consultants plus representatives in Asia and the US.  We prepare SMEs so that their business or project can be exposed to a panel of advisers and SME Investors.

Step 1: Getting in touch

To explore what we do, please contact us to arrange an initial phone discussion. To assist you, here are some useful questions to ask us when you call:

What sort of fundraising and investment projects does GHC work on?
What is involved for SMEs who work with GHC to raise capital?
What investment projects are GHC currently working on that are similar to my SME?
What makes SME fundraising with GHC work well?

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Step 2: Exploring SME Fundraising

In an initial face to face meeting with GHC, you can expect us to ask about the broad nature of your project, how much is required, what it will be used for and what is in it for investors.  We will explain our fee structure and if you wish to proceed, a confidentiality agreement will be drawn up to allow GHC Partners to review and assess your project.

Step 3: Creating an SME Investment Offer

GHC Partners will review your documentation – generally a Business Plan and an Information Memorandum – and help you amend or re-write it to make sure it carries a clear message to potential investors.  If we agree to accept a fundraising engagement, both parties will sign a mandate agreement, which will authorise GHC Partners to seek capital on your behalf.

Step 4: Promoting your business to SME Investors

GHC will represent you in negotiations with SME investors and advisers on the terms and conditions offered.  You may deal directly with GHC Partners or we may ask a member of our advisory network to manage the project at no extra cost to you.  In some cases we will find an investor for you in our network; in other cases our advisory associates will find an investor or investors in their own circles. Either way your interests are covered and you will have a dedicated consultant advising you throughout the capital raising process.